There won't be any posts for about a week or so due to Phil's trip with Stanford to China and my trip to Hawaii. For the record, Phil tried to get tickets to watch the USA Senior Men's Basketball team in Beijing, but tickets were sold out in a few hours because the Chinese government bought up the majority of the seats to resale to Chinese citizens. Anyway, he is there doing some academic stuff, and he couldn't be any luckier to be a part of the program going to China at the same time these historic Olympics are going down.

I will be in Hawaii until next Saturday, and then out to Vegas on Sunday, but I hope to be able to get a post in when I come back next Saturday. Until then, if you haven't seen this video by now, it gives you a pretty good glimpse of what would happen if you or I played one-on-one with Michael Jordan, and he admits that Kobe could beat him now, but he would be able to take Kobe in his prime, but we all knew that didn't we?

Have a good week


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