Me on ESPN U

If you have a chance. I filmed 3 segments for ESPN U on 3 different shows. The first segment aired last night on a show called "Inside the Polls" and will be rerunning throughout the next couple days, and the second one is airing right now on a show called "Coach's Spotlight", and the third one is airing on "SportsCenter U". I am the Asian guy for Wake Forest on the left. We were debating about topics for the Wake Forest and Duke football programs including our game this Saturday. If you don't get a chance to catch it. I'll be posting the videos on the site. Check it out of you can.

Catch me on ESPN U's "Inside the Polls" (10/27) at 11:00 and 12:30 (will replay 7 times in 3 days)

Also check me out 10/28 on "Coach's Spotlight" at 1pm and 10pm on ESPN U. (Will replay 2 times)

And, on SportsCenter U on ESPN on Thursday at 7:30pm and 11 and 11:30pm.



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Izzy said...

I appreciate the support. It was a lot of fun to make. I hope everyone has a chance to catch it, and if not, I hope to have the segments on the site soon!

Trilokesh said...

get the segments up because I have no idea how to watch espnU.

I think the lakers can look to move lamar if a good opportunity presents itself. I don't theres any chance anyone touches Vlad-Rad's contract.

Jfarm is looking nasty.