Quick Word on the Lakers and the Cavs

Unquestionably the two best teams in the league played last night (Boston and LA). It was all we could have hoped for. but the Lakers managed to pull it out by 1 point. As big of a Lakers fan as I am, the rest of the Lakers fans need to put this win in perspective. The win signifies 2 things. A win in the Lakers 'W' column, and of course, the opposite for the Celtics, and a tie break. The probability of the Lakers and Celtics ending with the same record is slim. If it happens, of course the win means something, but at this point, fans from both teams need to move on. In the Finals, KG doesn't get that 6th foul called, and Pierce makes the free throw to make the game 102-101. So, with that said, lets move on and not dwell on the loss for the Celtics. It was for sure a big game, and the Lakers managed to pull it out, and that is a great testament to the mental toughness of the Lakers, but the Lakers have to follow it up on Sunday against the Cavs.

So lets say the Lakers win on Sunday. HUGE statement. The way the Lakers put a statement on this game is to beat the Cavs by another 17 points. If they Lakers distance themeselves like that against the Cavs, they will show the rest of the league that the Lakers are at the top of their game without Bynum, and more importantly, they can compete with the best teams in the league without Bynum. I was talking to some friends, and I've had some readers contact me about Bynum not being able to return until deep into the playoffs and how he won't be effective. I disagree with that. Bynum can come back and provide a completely different dimension to this team. Yeah, he may not be putting up ridiculous numbers like he was pre-injury, but that extra long body in the paint is going to make Tony Parker, Paul Pierce, and whoever else the Lakers may face in the Playoffs think twice before putting up a floater in the lane. The Lakers are not missing Bynum's offense as much as they are his defense. It is very difficult to replace Bynum's frame and skills.

So the game on Sunday is revenge time for the Cavs. The last time the Lakers played the Cavs there was no rhythmn to the game, and no one ever had a chance to truly take over the game as we would expect from a game headlining Kobe and Lebron. Here is why I think Lebron is coming out gunning in this game. Every analyst and player I have heard comparing Lebron and Kobe's performance at MSG this week has said that Kobe's 61 is more impressive because it was so effortless. Trust me, Lebron has taken note. Lebron has also taken note that Kobe and the Lakers are on an emotional high after beating the Celtics last night. Fully expect that Lebron will do everything in his power to stop Kobe from capping off this amazing road trip for the Lakers. The Cavs are another physical team, just like the Celtics, and it is going to be tough for the Lakers to body up with another physical team for the 2nd game in the row. Be assured that Lebron and Co. have had this date circled on their calendar, and look for them to try and take advantage of tired and beat up Lakers team.


In case you haven't had enough Laker/Celtics, here is a look at what could have been. It is a painful pleasure for Lakers fans to read.

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