We're back!

After almost a year hiatus, DishingDimes is back! We did the website domain thing and weren't pleased with the results. A few other factors contributed to us leaving the site unmanaged, but recently we decided to bring it back.

Our epiphany was: "We are a basketball blog." Deep. I know. We overextended ourselves. As our site took off and we had followers all over the world and started networking with other major basketball blogs, we got ahead of ourselves and lost focus. Our goal is the same as when we started this thing in June of 2008 in our dorm rooms at Stanford and Wake Forest, to write about basketball. Our duty as fans and students of the game is to increase the freeflow of opinion and to talk about the sport as much as we can. That is the best thing for the game and the best thing that we can contribute. Phil and I are determined to do this thing again. We want to serve the readers and the game as much as we can. We appreciate all the support and inquiries about our blog and whether we were ever going to come back. Undoubtedly, that support factored heavily into our decision to start writing again. We will do our best to surpass your expectations.


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