Malice at the Palace Part 2

The WNBA keeps trying to be like the NBA, maybe now more people will watch.

(From the Associated Press)

Parker was one of three players ejected along with Detroit assistant coach Rick Mahorn after an ugly scuffle with 4.6 seconds left in Los Angeles' 84-81 victory.

"To be honest, I don't recall exactly what happened,'' said Parker, who led Los Angeles with 21 points. "I'll have to watch the tape.''

The skirmish started moments after Parker and Detroit's Cheryl Ford had to be separated after Ford fouled Parker.

On the next possession, Parker got tangled up with Detroit's Plenette Pierson and fell to the ground. As she was getting up, Pierson intentionally ran into her, setting off the melee.

Parker threw a punch at Pierson before being tackled by Detroit's Deanna Nolan. Players and coaches from both teams joined in, and Mahorn knocked Lisa Leslie to the court at one point.

"I was trying to protect the whole game, the integrity of the game,'' he said. "The WNBA is very special to me because I have four daughters. I don't even raise my hand to them, and I would never push a woman. This game, I love this game too much.''

Leslie did not talk to the media, but Los Angeles coach Michael Cooper said he felt Mahorn was trying to stop the fight.

"I think Rick was trying to play peacemaker, but he's just too big,'' Cooper said. "I was only trying to grab my players, and I didn't see exactly what happened, but he apparently gently tried to push Lisa away.''

DeLisha Milton-Jones shoved and punched Mahorn after the incident with Leslie, and was ejected, along with Mahorn, Parker and Pierson. Nolan and Shannon Bobbitt received technicals.

"That was unfortunate, but things like that happen in basketball sometimes,'' Milton-Jones said. "The league is going to have to decide what kind of action to take.''

Ford sprained her right knee while trying to restrain Pierson, and left the floor in a wheelchair. Her status is unknown.

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