Quick thoughts on Josh Howard and Chris Paul

I'm not going to post the Josh Howard video because you all have seen it a million times by now. Apparently, Josh Howard has been sighted around campus (Wake Forest University) today. He has a house and some family members in nearby Lewisville, so it is not outrageous that he is around town. The interesting point is that The Chris Paul Foundation is sponsoring a concert by Ludacris tonight, and bought up a bunch of tickets that he gave to Wake students for free. A guess could be that Howard is in town to make an appearance at the concert for PR purposes (Rumor has it that Dwade, Lebron, Byron Scott, George 'The Iceman' Gervin, and some other Hornets players are making an appearance at the concert tomorrow). Or, he could just be waiting around until his court date next week for his racing violation he received earlier in the summer. Nonetheless, it is interesting to see two of the most high profile people to ever come out of Wake Forest both be in town simultaneously. One is just scratching the surface of his career and is one of the most loved athletes in the country, and another one who could be on a dark path in his career. I am a huge Howard fan, I love his game and I can't forget how much he has helped the Dallas organization, and I sincerely hope that he gets his name out of the news for negative things he has done, and gets his name in the news more for good things he is doing.

I can't stop reading all about this movie that is coming out about Lebron and his younger years. Here is an interview with some of the players, and check out this picture of a young Lebron.

What is the worst draft pick in the history of the NBA? No, not Kwame or Olowakandi...it is clearly Sam Bowie. Here is a stat analysis by WOW showing that Bowie was actually a very efficient player.

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