Team USA's go-to guy

One of the questions about the USA Redeem Team was whether they could fit all of those egos onto one team. As well all know, it worked better than planned. Some of the best players in the world found themselves in unfamiliar positions and adjusted to the situation. For my generation, it was our version of the Dream Team. It was some of the purest basketball I have ever seen, and it was beautiful to watch. Here is an article by Bill Simmons that a friend emailed to me talking about how the USA team unanimously chose Kobe to have the ball in the final moments of the game. It is a great read (Simmons always is). This post is less about promoting Kobe and more about highlighting the humility of the rest of the players, all of which, are the superstars on their respective teams. We may not see this again for a long time.

Here is the story.


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