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Sorry I have not been living up to my New Years resolution. I hope to change that when I get back to campus on Sunday. I just got back from a Lakers game. It was an exciting game to watch, but very disturbing to think about after the fact. The lack of defense from the supposedly best team in the league was the main problem. The Pacers shot the lights out, and had it not been for a Kobe Bryant bailout with 3 secs left, it could have been a loss for the Lakers for the second straight time to the Pacers. The Lakers have had a huge problem holding 4th quarter leads. With injuries plaguing the Lakers, it is going to be very important for the team to pull it together in order to raise another banner at Staples Center. Nonetheless, it was good to be back to see my favorite team.

Anyway, as promised, I finally got around to posting the YouTube videos of me on ESPNU. These videos aired on ESPNU the week of 10/27/08. The main topic of the debates were, "Who will win the football game between Wake Forest and Duke?" For the record, Wake ended up winning the game. Had to add that in there. If you don't know, I am the Asian guy for Wake Forest. Enjoy.

I will be updating again soon. We will also be adding another writer to the site to help make updates more frequent. I appreciate everyone's support.


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Jeff MacMullen said...

Looks like you are up to big things out in NC. You make me happy I chose not to go to Duke.