Welcoming Alex "Buckets" Matthews to the Dishing Dimes team

I'm happy to bring to you Alex "Buckets" Matthews. He will go by the name Buckets on the site (origin of the nickname is still unknown). My first memory of Buckets was when I met him we started talking and naturally, basketball was one of our topics of conversation. Buckets told me, "I know more about the NBA than anyone I know." A bold statement. After getting to know him, he has not disappointed on his NBA knowledge. He is a hoops fan all the way around. From AAU to college to the NBA. He is a scholar.

When asking Buckets about his former high school career, he told me of a humbling moment. He describes the game as a 'playoff game' for his state championship. During the first half of the game, he shot an impressive 5/5 from downtown. Upon making his 5th 3pter of the half, he started doing a taunting sort of walk. This walk caused Buckets to injure his knee, and was basically completely unproductive for the 2nd half. When asked, Buckets described the experience as, "Embarassing."

Buckets hails from an island in South Jersey. Yes, an island, that apparently has a population of around 100 people. He lays claim to, "Every sports team in Philly, except for the Eagles. I'm a diehard Cowboys fan." Who knows? Nonetheless, Buckets is also a student at Wake Forest in his 2nd year here. He is a manager of the currently ranked #2 Wake Forest men's basketball team. When he isn't working for the basketball team or being a basketball nerd, he can be found playing basketball. As you can see, basketball is a huge part of the life of Mr. Buckets. I hope he can show that to the loyal readers of the site. I also hope that he will be able to share his unique insight and perspective on all things basketball. Welcome, Buckets.

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