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For the first time since last June, when the site first started, I'm posting links to some interesting sports stories. More articles to come in the next few days about the Association.

I'm sure a lot of you have heard this, but this is the story of how DWade's divorce is hitting a low point. A lot of people have criticized the NBA for the culture of the players. We have heard of Michael Jordan's divorce, Shaq's divorce, and now Dwyane Wade's divorce. Three of the most high profile athletes in the world have had very high profile divorces, and they all happen to be basketball players? I hope there is no correlation here. Take what you may from this. I'm not sure of what to make of it. I hope it all gets sorted out, and is not that big of a distraction for Wade's play on the court.

Awesome story about Danny Granger's childhood with an emphasis on Danny Granger's dad, Danny Granger Sr. I'll let you all read the details for yourself.

Most valuable sports franchises in the world by Forbes. Unfortunately, no NBA teams, but I suspect that the Knicks would have been on the bubble for the top 10.

Westchester High has put out some really good NBA players over the years. Just a short little thing about Trevor Ariza and how Kobe visited the high school back in the day.

Obama has impacted all of our lives. We have all seen how the reaction to him taking office has been in the NBA. A few NBA players paid top dollar to get tickets to the inauguration. Apparently some people paid around $50,000 a ticket for a seat. Here is a link to show how important this was to the NBA. This is just one example of NBA players and teams reacting to the Obama presidency.

DishingDimes was just featured in this article from a great blog that focuses on college basketball during the college season, but the NBA right when the playoffs race starts getting heated up. Check the site out.



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I'd be happy to put a link for yours up on my site and endorse it if you'd be happy to do the same.

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Trilokesh said...

We played in the Westchester summer league after my freshman year. Trevor was there at the time and Hassan had just graduated. Needless to say we got KILLED. Highlight though of our game against Westchester was Trevor going up for a dunk on Perrin, getting grabbed by Perrin but still dunking on him. When he went to the free throw line (I was in the game because it was garbage time) he looked at Perrin while shooting his free throw and said, "get off me bitch." He made the shot too.