Best of the Day

Will post predictions for the NBA Finals series and Game 1 later this week.

As an NBA player winning the championship is among one of the highest accomplishments one can achieve, but could you still enjoy it if you had to work the summer?

One of the worst rules ever to hit the NBA is the "one year out rule" and players are clearly not the only one's who hate it.

With the Lakers on the brink of the NBA Finals and maybe even a championship, what is Memphis doing? An interesting little argument about why Memphis might not be so bad after all, especially if they really do trade up to get this guy.

If you are looking to improve your offensive basketball skills, here is a video by the greatest ever on how to properly move from triple threat to a crossover while attacking your defender's front foot. You will actually see a lot of the best players in the league execute this move to perfection.

If simulations were correct, you Celtics fans would be seeming the last stitches for that 17th banner.

More to come tomorrow.


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