Top 3 Pick Analysis

1. Chicago Bulls

Derrick Rose
Memphis- Point Guard

While the top two picks (Rose and Beasley) are both NBA ready and will likely be all star caliber players, it will probably end up being too tough for Chicago to pass up on Derrick Rose. Even though Beasley would fit perfectly into Chicago's weakest position at PF, Chicago knows the team will be much better upgrading Duhon, Gordon, and Hinrich (especially after his terrible season last year). Rose for one thing is a pass-first point guard, which now in the league is a dime for dozen. Even rarer Rose plays relentless defense with quick hands and length in addition to being 6'4". Rose's best asset is probably his athleticism, where his speed is going to beat players off the dribble and finish at the basket (even with the foul) or find the open man (with his excellent court vision). On top of all this Rose does not have the questionable attitude problems, and actually is a very intense player on the court, but calm and composed off of it.
If there's any doubt John Paxson will pass on Rose, Just talk to the Atlanta Hawks about how it feels to pass up on an all star point guard (Chris Paul, Deron Williams). Oh, and Rose is from Chicago. Done Deal.

2. Miami Heat

Michael Beasley
Kansas State- SF/PF

As much of a power player Beasley was in Kansas State he might find a more natural position as Small Forward in the NBA. In fact the more I think about it, the more I find him comparable to Carmelo Anthony in college. Carmelo: 22 points, 10 rebounds, 2.2 Assists, 1.3 steals and Beasley: 26.2 points, 12.4 rebounds, 1.2 assists, and 1.3 steals are quite similar, also taking into consideration Anthony played in the Big East while Beasley played in the Big 12. In addition with Beasley actually being 6'8" and not the team labeled 6'10" the twos heights and weights are pretty similar. On top of that, the both can score the ball in a multitude of ways. Beasley has shown it on the outside, probably capable of shooting the NBA 3, from the inside with his hooks, put-backs, and spins, and is especially deadly from the mid-range. Beasley is tough and athletic, and will not have a problem in the triple threat position from the mid-range. From a defensive standpoint Beasley holds his own man to man but gets in trouble on team defense where he almost looks lost. Sometimes, it seems Beasley only carries a scoring only mentality, where he over dribbles, takes bad shots, and fails to pass (as seen by his 1.2 assists per game). Beasley has so much potential, and if he is able to put it together can have a long and successful career. But with the various questions about his attitude and team play, no wonder Miami might be looking to trade the pick. However, because Miami must pick before it is traded, Beasley will most definitely be wearing a Heats cap if only momentarily.

3. Minnesota Timberwolves

OJ Mayo

For this third pick, the age old question of need versus best available comes up again. For the Minnesota Timberwolves, getting an offensively polished PF/C like Brook Lopez, or NBA ready Kevin Love would help the young T-pups in a lot of ways. Particularly paired with Al Jefferson who can shift down to his more natural Power Forward spot, two legitimate front court players would add a lot of help to this young team, who has already has a lot of young and improving backcourt players. Never the less, in this situation, OJ Mayo will probably be too good to pass up on. With players like vetran Greg Buckner, injured Randy Foye, troublesome Sebastian telfair and inconsistent Marko Jaric and Rashad McCants this pick would also still be a huge upgrade. Because Mayo has had his share of Point Guard experience, he will be able to add some ball handling and passing ability to the backcourt. Where Mayo is particularly dangerous is his amazing ability to score the ball. Despite being an undersized two guard Mayo quickness allows him to explode past his defender to the basket, where he has an amazing ability to finish. On top of that if you play off of him, you'll see he can defeintely hit the three even beyond the NBA three range. Mayo's shooting is extremely polished, and his basketball IQ is one of the best offensively. With this comes a little bit of attitude and swagger which has both its positives and negatives. Mayo's defense is managable, but it's his repotire of offensive skills and abilities that still make OJ Mayo a top three pick for sure.

Photo Source: ESPN.com

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Mark Madsen said...

Sounds great!, except beasley isn't an nba power forward, but a 3/4 mutt. Also, "Rose for one thing is a pass-first point guard, which now in the league is a dime for dozen. Even rarer Rose plays relentless defense" ...dime for dozen means its not rare! it's common! hello! ...hi!!!

As for those strengths, ESPN Insider has a completely different take: "Positives: Pass-first point guard with excellent floor vision and handle. Very strong and super athletic. A tenacious defender."

"Chicago's weakest position at PF, Chicago knows the team will be much better upgrading Duhon, Gordon, and Hinrich (especially after his terrible season last year)"
You have listed two natural 2s, and one natural college player! LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!

What "Chicago knows," is to shy away from combo guard/forwards that aren't tall enough to guard the top 4s and not fast enough to guard the top 2s and 3s, but who sure as hell can score in Manhattan, Kansas against top defenders like Sasha Kaun and Baylor PF#34.