Game 6 prediction

The Celtics had mechanical trouble apparently yesterday leaving LAX and left 12 hours later than they expected. Ray Allen was the only one who didn't have to go through that nightmare because he left Boston early to tend to one of his children who had an illness. His child is expected to be fine and Allen is expected to play in Game 6. The Lakers got into Boston yesterday before the Celtics did and are having their usual pregame shootarounds and media sessions.

Tonight's game will undoubtedly be decided by the production of KG and Gasol on both ends of the court. On the other end of the floor, it will be up to the Lakers to defend Paul Pierce and do their best to contain him to make sure he does not single handedly beat the Lakers like he almost did in Game 5. Pierce has given the Lakers a nightmare all season and if the Lakers don't at least limit his production, there will be a 17th banner in Boston at the end of the night.

As blasphemous as this might sound I think Kobe goes for a big game, but I don't think that the rest of the Lakers show up big for this game and I look for KG to bounce back from his Game 5 letdown and have a huge game. I'm looking for Boston to be raising the trophy and for Paul Pierce to be holding a MVP trophy.

Prediction: Boston -5 over Lakers
Prediction: Paul Pierce MVP

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