Game 4 prediction

Tonight is going to be a struggle for both teams. If either team comes out playing anywhere close to how they played in game 3, they will lose. It will be clear from the beginning who will be in control of the game. The Lakers can seize control of the series with a win and an exclamation point behind it. The key for the Lakers is undoubtedly the Lakers' point-forward Lamar Odom. He HAS to come out gunning tonight. If he does not, it will be an uphill battle for the Lakers and the Lakers will not be able to weather anymore poor performances from him. Sasha willed the Lakers to a win last game and the Lakers could use help from their bench again tonight. A solid performance from the inside from Pau wouldn't hurt either. Expect Kobe to put together the usual 30+ pts game. Every game in the Finals is more important than the last, again, tonight will be many of the Lakers most important game of their career.

The Celtics are going to have a different game. I expect the kinks in their supposed jetlagged legs to be fixed in Game 4. I think people are making a bigger deal out of Rondo's ankle than it really is. Doc is talking about starting Tony Allen if Rondo isn't ready. Rondo's production offensively, with the exception of 16 assists in Game 2 has not been stellar. His role is easily replaceable if the Big 3 step up big. The Celtics have been awful on the road throughout the playoffs and Game 3 didn't do much to rid that notion.

Prediction: Lakers -7.5 over Boston

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Trilokesh said...

not really sure how you're going to go over game 4 except: complete breakdown from the top to the bottom. i'd like to believe it never happened but i've come to grips with the fact that it did. i place the blame square on kobe's shoulders. as the team leader he needs to step up and win by any means necessary. the jordan comparisons need to stop. he's not there and he never will be. -- an extremely dissapointed laker fan.