Predictions for The Rest of The Lottery

Hello NBA fans, it's that time of year again. Every dog gets his day, and this is the day when both bad and good teams have something to look forward to. Whether its because you tanked the end of your season or you are one piece away from being a contender this draft this draft is shaping up to result some pretty interesting picks.

Now that no more pre-draft trades will be released, and we know where players have worked out so far here are my predictions for the 2008 NBA Draft.


O' Neal Confirms Moves to Raptors
-Reportedly TJ Ford and Rasho Nesterovic and number 17 pick for Jermaine O'Neal

Clippers and Sonics Trade pick if Minnesota choose OJ Mayo
-4th pick for 7th pick and future first round pick

New Jersey Trades Richard Jefferosn
- Richard Jefferson for Bobby Simmons and Yi Jianlian

Double L's Predictions:

1. Chicago Bulls- Derrick Rose
Can't pass up on a sure thing, especially if he's a point guard. Rose is already hoping to be League MVP as Rookie.

2. Miami Heat- Michael Beasley
Pat Riley and company may not be the biggest fans, but he is the best big man in the draft and would be a mistake to pass up on.

3. Minnesota Timberwolves- OJ Mayo
Kevin McHale is apparently torn between Love and Mayo, however what Mayo has already shown and his potential upside will make Minnesota draft the best player available rather then fufilling a need in the front court.

4. Seattle Supersonics- Eric Gordon
Since Mayo is gone, it looks like the pick will go to the Clippers. With Maggette likely opting out, and Mobley getting up there in age, Gordon would be extremely beneficial to the Clippers wing.

5. Memphis Grizzlies- Kevin Love
When you trade Pau Gasol for Kwame Brown and sign Darko Milicic you know your front court needs help. Grizzlies have a bunch of young point guards with a lot of potential, a great role player in Mike Miller and rising star Rudy Gay. Love would defeintely fill a big gaping whole for the Grizz.

6. New York Knicks- Russell Westbrook
The New York Knicks have a lot of things, bad contracts, unhappy players, and a lot of crap. Two things that the Knicks don't have is a level minded player, and a defesneive oriented player. Two things Westbrook provides.

7. Los Angeles Clippers- Jerryd Bayless
Seattle really scored it here. They traded up and were able to get the player they wanted. Brook Lopez was the in case Bayless gets picked, picked, however he should still be available and the pick Seattle would actually prefer. After picks such as Robert Swift, Mouhamed Sene, and Johan Petro Seattle can't draft another potential failed big man...unless it will help them speed up the moving process...

8. Milwaukee Bucks- De Andre Jordan
With Richard Jefferson on board and Yi out, the Bucks will look to boost up the PF position. Randolph has more upside, but Jordan is more ready to contribute now.

9. Charlotte Bobcats- Brook Lopez
Offensive Center next to defensive Emeka Okafor. Looks like a good fit, plus Richardson and Wallace fill the wings, while Jordan still has faith in Raymond Felton

10. New Jersey Nets- Joe Alexander
With Richard Jefferson out New Jersey is the one who now needs a small forward. Alexander is extremely skilled and athletic and will be a good young piece for New Jerseys rebuilding and moving to Brooklyn.

11. Indiana Pacers- Anthony Randolph
Man the trades seem to be following where teams want to fill their holes. And with Jermaine O'Neal likely to be shipped out, Pacers no longer are in need of a point guard with TJ Ford. Instead they will be looking for Randolph to step into the role for Jermaine O'Neal in a few years. He has the potential to, but will he?

12. Sacramento Kings- DJ Augustin
Somewhat of an undersized point guard, but one that will bring athleticism and a pass first mentality. Something Kings fans may not remember since before Jason Williams.

13.Portland Trailblazers- Danilo Gallinari
A point guard would be ideal here, but Small Forward is Portlands next weakest position. He is a very intellegient player with good shooting abilities, and doesn't seem to have a criminal record.

14. Golden State Warriors- Kosta Koufos
With Don Nelson returning, small ball/fast paced offensive will still dictate the Warriors. Because of Warriors lack of size up front a big man would be useful, and this one doesn't disrupt their style of play. While he is only average in the post, and not much of a banger/defender he will at least be able to hit the open shot and operate in the high post.


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