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Things have been kind of slow lately because I am trying to finish up classes for the end of the summer session. We are also trying to decompress after the NBA season. The next big series we have coming up is our post-draft evaluations and recommendations for teams. After the draft, we will evaluate how each team drafted and talk about what they need to do to improve. This series will feature guest writers who are intimately familiar with their team(s). Of course, we will bring you sports stories as they appear.

For now, here are some interesting links:

The mother of one of T-mac's children wants him to pay up. Here is an article reporting the story and detailing some of T-mac's elaborate spending habits. At least one person can feed his family on an NBA salary.

1st round NBA draft prospect and University of Memphis star Chris Douglas-Roberts claims he has never lost a game of 1-on-1. Well, after he makes an NBA roster, that will probably change very quickly. He should ask Nick Young what the rookie treatment looks like.

Kobe once said that he would like to play soccer in Europe when his basketball days are over, but I didn't know Kobe took up another sport, horse carriage racing, in the offseason. Maybe the Triple Crown will be next?

Top high school NBA prospect Brandon Jennings from Oak Hill Academy is flirting with the idea of going abroad to play for a year before entering the draft due to him not meeting the SAT requirement for the NCAA. This raises a serious question to the NBA's one-year-out policy. If the rule is to encourage kids to go to college while they are being evaluated by NBA teams, what if they can't get to college?

This is one of the most absurd stories I have seen in a long time. I can't even imagine what would have happened in a major league somewhere. Well, I guess I could imagine what would happen if this happened to Donaghy.

I was watching one of those MSNBC murder documentaries and it was a story about NBA star Bison Dele, or formerly Brian Williams, who played for the championship teams in Chicago during the 90s and some other NBA teams. I don't know where I was when all this happened, but it was a really sad story about how his jealous brother supposedly killed him. His wikipedia article was pretty consistent with the story that MSNBC told.

As a Wake student, and ACC rival of Duke, I can't get enough of this.

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