The Purpose

I have been reading about sports for a while, and watching sports since before I can remember. Reading about sports has been extremely frustrating for me because there is so much garbage out there. My solution to the problem: make a space where I can write my own garbage. Of course, I could post a comment at the bottom of any random sports blog, and be among 100 other comments for the day, but instead, I choose to write my full opinion in my unrestricted webspace. That is my motivation for contributing to this blog.

I follow sports because I am fascinated by the competitive nature of humans. There is a certain element of everything in sports. It has an amazing power to control us. At its best, sports can make its followers happy, sad, excited, astonished, or inspired. At its worst, sports can make its followers resentful, jealous, spiteful, evil, or even, homicidal. Ask any die-hard sports fan, and they will tell you that they have felt some, if not all and more, of the previously mentioned emotions. I have become enthralled by the therapeutic nature of sports. Sports has the power to heal unlike few other pass times in the world. Wars are stopped, people are unified, and the true human spirit is displayed. This is what lures me to sports. This is what captivates fans. Finding out someone is a sports fan is a common ground. It is a little more provocative than talking about the weather, but a little less controversial than politics, both of which most people can relate to. Sports has an empowering effect on us, and this is why we love sports.

A little about me. I am from Southern California, born and raised. I go to school at Wake Forest University where I am in my 4th year. Now to draw the battle lines. I am a die hard Lakers fan. I bleed purple and gold. I am obviously a Wake Forest Demon Deacon fan, and a USC Trojan fan to a casual extent. I run this blog with my cousin Phillip (more on him on his own post). We stand on opposite sides of many issues ranging from politics to sports to video games. In the end, we are about as close a pair of cousins as you are going to find. This blog will be primarily focused on basketball, but I will try to put links up to the sports stories I think are the most interesting. We will try and post as often as we can with opinions and clips from the basketball and sports world. Any comments, suggestions, insults and/or all of the above can be sent to us through our email. Welcome to my sports obsession.

-Shawn aka 'Izzy'

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you should also put up your picks with the lines and all that.