An Inspired Performance

Wow, that was a good start to the finals. I'm pretty upset and depressed about the whole thing, but Paul Pierce was something else tonight. The life was snatched from Boston and their fans when they saw Pierce go down, but his return inspired a 28-16 run at one stretch. He goes down with a knee sprain and has to be carried off the court, comes back to the bench where all of the Boston faithful simultaneously let out a sigh of relief, and he takes over by hitting back-to-back 3s ( If I remember correctly, Bynum went down with a "sprained knee" and has sat out ever since. Maybe there are two types of the injury?). Pierce will be feeling all of that when he wakes up this morning, but it is a good thing he doesn't have to play until Sunday.

No excuses for the Lakers, they just got out played down the stretch. Couldn't hit any shots in the 4th and Kobe going 9 for 26 is not going to win you anything. The defense on both sides was pretty solid for the most part, but the game was decided by rebounds. The Lakers decided not to clean up the glass and got beat. Simple as that. The Celtics gave them every opportunity to take over the game, but the Lakers couldn't get it going consistently for a significant period of time. Lakers need to regroup and get it together. That type of performance is not going to win any banners. More to come later this afternoon.

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Mark Hays said...

That entire series of events with Paul Pierce was absurd. One second he's writhing in pain, unable to stand, and is literally being carried off of the court while screaming like he's some sort of injured war veteran. 30 seconds later we see Michelle Tafoya, possessor of the largest forehead in the country, say that Pierce started walking right when he got back there. 5 minutes later he comes running in a full sprint out onto the court and makes two threes in a row. I agree that it probably hurt at the time, but being carried off the court like that was ridiculous. Pierce should play soccer in the offseason, he'd be the best in the league at drawing yellow cards.