Maybe he was hurt? But probably not.

It was pretty dramatic and all. When I saw the injury, I didn't think twice about it. Bill Simmons called the silence after the injury "The worst sound in sports". I was pretty surprised when I heard people talking about dramatizing the injury, but if you really think about it. The guy gets his leg twisted (which didn't look terrible on the replay), and he comes back in 5 minutes. I don't think he totally dramatized it, and he probably was hurt, but he probably didn't need to get carried off the court and then disobey doctors in the locker room just to come skipping out onto the court. A little much, no? He goes 6 for 6 in the second half, game 1 goes to Boston. Bill Plashcke had a great article on his column about it today calling it "the Fake-N-Shake". (for the record, Plaschke is NOT an LA fan by any sense of the word. He is very anti-Laker.)

Bottom line: no excuses for LA. It doesn't matter if Paul Pierce beat the Lakers from his wheelchair, the Lakers have to be able to weather the emotional inspiration and come out on top. Kobe can't go back to being the old Kobe he has been criticized for being in his previous years. He has to stick to the game. They were in the game virtually until KG's put-back dunk. They can't come out and shoot 1 for 13 in the last 7 or so minutes of the game and expect to leave the Garden with a win. It is best out of 7, and they only need one in Boston. A win Sunday could shift the wind of the series dramatically.

Best of the day:

I'm sure you all have seen this video by now, but it is still worth watching. Who knew he was this talented as a comedian?

Paul Shirley scores the NBA Finals 1-0 in favor of the Lakers. I guess that is what happens when you watch the Finals in a foreign country and spend the early morning hours of the day in search of it. He also talks about Kobe and KG's personality from personal experience.

The championship series tradition between the mayors of the two cities playing traditionally make a bet. The LA and Boston mayors are not different.

I thought KG was married with a kid...?

Game 2 predictions tomorrow.

Picture Source: The Sporting Blog

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Kevin said...

There is no possible way Piece was injured at all. To be carried off the court and then run back on the court less than 10 minutes later was a little ridiculous. I'm more of a football fan, so in my mind when a player gets carried off the field he better have a broken leg or a fractured skull. It is the ultimate embarrassment to have a fellow male carry your ass off the court. And five minutes later you sink a couple of threes??? Sounds like a softie to me.